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Video on Altantuya
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My dear readers,
Please send an email to, if you wish to view the video on Altantuya Shariibuu. I will then send you an invitation to view it. For obvious reasons known to all, I have privatised the video. Thank you.
How could Altantuya’s son be Baginda’s?
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This is from writer Ch. Sumiyabazar, from UB Post, dated 15March 2007:
This (the DNA testing of Altantuya’s son) gave Mr. Setev Shaaribuu the opportunity to hold a press conference (yesterday) at which he said that the boy of Altantuya was born on February 2003.
“But my daughter said she made friends with Baginda in July 2004. This proves the boy has nothing to do with Baginda.”
It seems that the more information that is released, the more confusing the issue becomes, Sumibayar, the writer said.
Sumibayar added that Shariibuu may be disappointed as Malaysia’s judiciary suffers from low conviction rates and inadequate sentencing on the criminal side among other things.
He said that a funeral for Altantuya, his eldest daughter, had been planned for early this year but the family decided to postpone it until after the trial. “I want to collect all her remaining bone fragments, [some of] which are still being held by the police [as trial exhibits] in Malaysia. Based on our belief, a person’s soul won’t rest if the body parts are kept apart.”
Did Altantuya’s father actually speak to Bernama?
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According to Bernama, Altantuya’s father, Setev Shaaribuu, was reportedly pleased that the court had brought forward the trial (June 2007 instead of March 2008).
“It gives me great relief to hear this,” Setev Shaariibuu told Bernama in a telephone interview from Ulan Bator. Shaaribuu said he had been haunted by the tragedy every night.
“Only God knows my ordeal. I have strong belief and trust in the Malaysian judicial system and that the perpetrators will pay for their heinous acts,” he said in an emotion-choked voice, Bernama reported.
But Mr. Shariibuu speaks very little English, unless Bernama has a translator who speaks Mongolian at hand. I contacted Mr. Shariibuu immediately, through reliable sources in Mongolia, appending the Bernama report.
Last night, I received a mail, saying that no one from such a newspaper had contacted Shariibuu.
He gave an interview only to Wall Street Journal to the reporter Yaroslav Trofimov (apparently based in Malaysia or in the region) and a Mongolian woman (name witheld, but a person who helps foreign media contact Mongolians and obtain information).
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“Altantuya sacrificed herself for the sake of others”
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Exclusive: translations inside
The only stories we hear about Altantuya Shariibuu were the ones told by the police, by Abdul Razak Baginda in his affidavit, and by the local newspapers.
The only pictures we have seen about the young mother of two, were the passport photos in the local newspapers, always depicted alongside her alleged murderer, whenever her case had news value.
Curious about her, I traced her life back to the exotic land of Mongolia, where she hailed from, and tried to understand the woman behind all the sleazy, unsubstantiated stories. It was not an easy task.
I tried speaking to her father, Mr. Stev Shariibuu, personally, but he speaks very little English. He promised, through friends in Ulanbataar, that he would send some information about his daughter. After several weeks of waiting, her father, finally sent this video clip to me.
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Rehman Rashid’s ‘rectum’
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I guess they’ve asked Rehman Rashid to write this piece so they’ll get us bloggers to read The NST again:
Read also Rocky Bru and Marina Mahathir.
Here’s an abstract on his piece in the NST titled “Broken down in the barnyard of free expression” .
I have decoded them for you in simple, plain, English language:
“There is now a place called the “blogosphere”, touted by its denizens as a Utopia of freedom of expression.
In my opinion, what they’ve really done is prove why freedom of expression was a really bad idea. In this country, a host of folk who never had a hope of getting published are now proving why not.
(Read: Bloggers gave freedom of speech a bad name. Bloggers, who could not get their stories publish anywhere else, now can do it on their own)
The local blogosphere is the domain of life-challenged grumblestiltskins and disenfranchised pundits whose asinine maunderings only show why they should never have had day jobs in the first place.
(Read: Bloggers are grumblers, outcast of society, makes ridiculous ramblings like an ass. Go get a life. Not even fit to work in a proper job)
Rumour, innuendo, half-truths and damned lies are their stock- in-trade, and previously sacrosanct standards, principles and ethics are now laughable.
(Read: Ala - T. Adnan -Bloggers are liars, cheats, rumour-mongers. It’s their profession)
Are they not entitled to their opinion? Of course they are, as much as everyone else is entitled to ignore them. I would venture, however, that everyone has an opinion and a rectum, and not that many seem capable of telling one from the other.
(Read: Let them talk. Ignore them. Their opinions are SHIT!)
But no, it’s all good. Let a hundred thousand million flowers bloom; let all voices be heard, in however fractured language, whether or not they have anything pertinent to communicate or any information worth more than spittle to offer”.
(Read: Let them SHIT as they have nothing important to SHIT, anyway).
‘Tengku’ Adnan & silence of the news room
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Asked yesterday about the controversy, Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan refused to confirm whether he had been quoted accurately by the newspaper (Sin Chew Daily).
‘I do not have anything to say right now,’ he said. (Associated Press)
How about ’sorry’ for such a dumb-founded statement to all bloggers and women in particular?
What about “I will withdraw this statement and offer my sincere apologies”?
Instead, it is a tidak-apa (careless) response like “I have nothing to say right now”.
There is a deafening silence regarding the matter in local newspaper as well. You know why? Read the rest of this entry »
Altantuya: DNA experts seek identity of child’s father, but why?
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“Altantuya Shariibuu in happier times” - Picture courtesy of Mr. Stev, Shariibuu, Altantuya’s father.
Soon the world will know who killed Altantuya, and why she was killed. As it stands now, it could be one or a variety of reasons: a love or business deal gone sour? Being in the wrong place at the wrong time? Or, caught in a dangerous power play, when she was the mere spectator, or victim? Whatever it is, her family and the civil society in Mongolia seeking her justice were relieved that the court case has now been fast-forwarded to June this year, instead of March 2008.
However, the family is still concerned about the use of C4 explosives to terminate her. They had sent several queries to the government- both Malaysian and Mongolian, but have not received any response so far, said Mr. Shariibuu, through an NGO representative in Ulanbataar. [Mr. Shariibuu speaks mainly Mongolian].
Now that the case will be convening soon, it is hoped that the ‘mystery’ surrounding the procurement of the explosives will come to light. Read the rest of this entry »
PM Abdullah: “Do I deserve this?”
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Are congratulations in order here?
Or a stunned, cynical response: how ironic?
Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi himself asked: Do I deserve this? - when he received the Napolean Hill Global Leadership Award, in Putrajaya yesterday.
If one is doubtful whether to receive an award, would one accept it?
I remember letting go of a promotion in Malaysiakini as senior journalist because I felt I did not deserve it. It would be embarassing to accept or go on being in a position which you felt you did not deserve. I was merely an insignificant reporter. Pak Lah is prime minister of a nation.
According to Bernama, the floor said: Of course. Of course, he deserved it they said.
But what do your people think, Pak Lah? Read the rest of this entry »
Bloggers solidarity
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My esteem readers,
In honour of all bloggers, I’ve put together a page called Bloggers Solidarity (top), where our collective voices on several issues are listed, for example, the outrage on Adnan’s statement that all bloggers are liars. To date there are more than 100 “lying” bloggers in the list, which is still growing at the time of writing.
The other is our collective postings on International Women’s Day 2007. And another on the various postings when Rocky and Jeff were served “the papers”.
Enjoy our collective consciousness.
Is it getting hot in here, or is it just me?
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I don’t know about you, my friends. But it’s been an exciting week for me.
Judging from the numerous text, stories, articles written and statements made (by high level officials) in the name of bloggers - that means you and me - you can safely say we are now “famous”.
Not everything is rosy and nice and cheery, though. There have been some snide remarks, some slander and lies, with the same old, weary arguments.
The last straw of course was the sexist attack on women bloggers, on International Women’s Day at that.
Being labeled anti-Pak Lah (Prime Minister), for those who were not, was annoying to say the least. But to be accused of being cheats, liars, and a threat to national unity, was mind boggling, and touched a raw nerve in most of us.
But I am happy to see that in the spirit of free speech, we have met them eye to eye.Though we were branded ‘lying’ bloggers, we met them head-on. We didn’t take it lying down! LOL! [see kickdefella’s new poster for a good laugh].
The best part is, our male bloggers also rallied together with us.
However, it’s very clear now that the psywar has begun on several fronts. General elections are around the corner, some say as early (or late?) as September this year. So the whistle-blowers, the messengers, bearer of free speech, and all that represents freedom fighters (whether they are indeed or not is another matter), must be discredited. Must be made to look like a fool, or a cheat, or a liar.
Failing which, there is the ever-effective tool called “fear” - one that has worked for ages to silent dissent. In the face of these challenges, naturally, some of us will fall, but more will carry on.
So, my friends, be aware of these. Never fall into their trap.
Yet, despite all the bru ha ha about bloggers and the accusations leveled against us, I’ve discovered more and more blogs who support Bloggers United. Some have introduced themselves in the BU page. Do visit their blogs and leave your mark. To these bloggers, I say thank you, for all your support and kindness:
where’s my noose; amanz; zh1yong; tauke-saham; shenyeeaun; justshri; muhensri; bohtong; matsalo ; pavlovaramblings ; bobbthemicrobe and jennifer tai.
Which makes this struggle seem worthwhile…
Day after day, I believe more and more, that it’s not what one blog does, its what a thousand CAN do.
In conclusion, let me say this (taken from the latest Spartan movie 300):
“The world will know that free (women and ) men stood against a tyrant, that few stood against many, and before this battle was over, that even a god-king can bleed” - (Spartan King Leonidas)
Now, what better way to start the week
Welcome Message:
Hi, everybody. Thank you for dropping by. Allow me to welcome you to read, post and blogroll the Bloggers United official page (see top, below the tag-line). You may also feature the logo (below) on your blogs. Do leave us an introduction of yourself in the official page so that other members of the Bloggers United movement can get to know you. Thank you all for your friendship and support, TOGETHER WE CAN MOVE MOUNTAINS.

Susan Loone has no political master, a slave to no ideology, an admirer of no politician, but a great believer in humanity. Like her or hate her, you are most welcomed here. She can be contacted at
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