Wednesday, February 28, 2007


More tourists came to Malaysia in 2006 and spent more money here than ever before.

Malaysia registered a record-breaking 17.54 million visitors in 2006, which slightly surpassed Tourism Malaysia’s target of 17.5 million, marking an overall 6.8% increase from 2005.

Revenue from tourists went up too, with receipts of RM36.2bil in 2006, up 13% from the year before.

However, it was RM1.4bil less than the targeted RM37.6mil, Tourism Malaysia said in a statement on Wednesday.

Asians formed the bulk of the tourists (89.4%).

More than three-quarters of the total figure consisted of tourists from Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and Brunei, maintaining Asean market as the most lucrative tourism market.

There were also significant increases in the number of visitors from China, South Korea and Hong Kong.

Among the top 10 markets in 2006 were Singapore (9.6 million visitors), Thailand (1.8 million) and Indonesia (1.2 million).

In general, most markets displayed double-digit growths compared to the previous year.

The highest growth came from Brunei with 61.3%, followed by Russia (54.4%), Indonesia (26.4%) and China (24.8%).

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