Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Cerita ini daripada dan juga dari yg mengatakan Ahli Parlimen Gombak Dato' Dr. Raman Ismail ada affair dengan Senator Datin Paduka Norhayati Tan Sri Onn. Ada berita yang mengatakan Yati dlm proses tuntut cerai dgn suaminya Suffian di Mahkamah Syariah.

Cerita ini di highlightkan oleh DAP semasa sidang DUN Selangor beberapa hari lepas. Betul ke tidak..sama-sama kita tunggu penjelasan selanjutnya. Gambar-gambar ini adalah dari blogger matyat (bukan mayat ye).

Juga di bawah penafian dua tokoh politik terbabit.

Latest news of scandal in Malaysia.I received this via e-mail and some blogs have also picked this up.It seems that one of our MP (or someone resembling him so much it could be his twin) and one of our female senators (or again, someone resembling her) has been getting cosy with each other, as the negative below might suggest.The alleged MP and senator when contacted denied profusely that they had anything to do with the pictures and entertained the possibility that the pictures were docked, superimposed yada yada yada yada etc.....Obviously you want to know who the alleged are? They are Gombak MP Datuk Dr. Rahman Ismail and Senator Datin Paduka Norhayati Onn Ismail.Datin Paduka Norhayati Onn Ismail is daughter to UMNO Supremo and AGM Chairman Dato Onn Ismail. Dato Onn also serves as Selangor State Speaker if I am not mistaken.

See the negatives yourself and make your mind up......Shocking that MPs and Senators are involved in lurid affairs and deception...NOT REALLY! I have also taken the liberty to re-invert the negative image to real-colour just by using Microsoft Paint.
Anyway, the alleged pics are below....I am not making any judgements about this picture or about them so please feel free to make your own mind up.

From :
I was one of the recipients of the above photograph. The man, apparently wearing a bathrobe, is a Member of Parliament at the lower house (Dewan Rakyat) and the woman in his chest is a Senator. Both are married but not to each other.
The scene seems to be a typical hotel bathroom where a towel rack and a clothes-line box can be seen on the upper left of the photograph.
What could they possibly be doing in the room or bathroom of a hotel in such a romantic atmosphere?
Whatever could it be but in a country where the political leadership emphasizes so much on moral and values based on religion, the two members of Parliament will certainly have to openly justify their close proximity.
They can either admit it or deny it by claiming that the photograph was super-imposed. Whatever. The point is that the public has a right to know since they are political leaders subject to public scrutiny.
Let's give them a chance.

Statement by Norhayati's father,
Tan Sri Dato Onn bin Ismail, UMNO Permanent Chairman cum Speaker of the Selangor State Legislative Assembly, who is also father of Senator Datin Paduka Nor Hayati binti Onn Ismail, said "the matter is now in Syariah Court".
That was Oon's justification when attempting to stop Ng Suee Lim, DAP Selangor State Assemblyman for Sekinchan, from deliberating on the photograph (or rather its negative) posted here yesterday entitled "Bicameral Proximity: MP and Senator" in the State Assembly budget meeting this morning.
When Oon said so, he must have had referred to Nor Hayati's family affairs rather than Rahman Ismail's. That would also seems to be contradicting Nor Hayati's denial statement in
the Star today.

It’s not us, say MP and senator
PETALING JAYA: A Member of Parliament and a senator have claimed that a negative image of a photograph of a couple posted on the Internet is not of them, saying that it was a malicious attempt to discredit them.

Dr Rahman: ‘It is definitely a superimposed picture. I have no involvement with her’Gombak MP Datuk Dr Rahman Ismail and Senator Datin Paduka Norhayati Onn Ismail, said in separate interviews that they had never taken any pictures together.

They were contacted as the converted image of the negative bears some resemblance to the MP and the senator.

The negative image of the photograph, appears with an article, posted on the blogsite of Selangor opposition chief Teng Chang Khim.

It showed a woman with her head on the man's chest.

Teng said he put the photograph up as he felt that the public had a right to know since the two were political leaders and subject to public scrutiny.

When contacted, Teng said he had received several photographs of the two through e-mail. He believed the photographs had been widely circulated before they got to him.

Norhayati: ‘I have nothing going on with him and I do not know how the picture could have surfaced’

When contacted, Dr Rahman said the photograph on Teng’s blogsite was “certainly a fake one.”

“It is definitely a superimposed picture. I have no involvement with her. Neither have I had any pictures taken with her, nor are we having an affair.

“This is certainly a deed done with a bad motive,” he said. Asked if he would lodge a police report on the matter, Dr Rahman said he would be consulting his lawyer.

Norhayati, who was in China when contacted, expressed shock that such a photograph existed. “I do not know anything about it. I have nothing going on with him and I do not know how the picture could have surfaced,” she said.


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