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Sapa mamat ni yg bernama Matthias Chang?. Apek ni adalah bekas Setiausaha Politik Tun Dr Mahathir dari tahun 2001 sehingga 2003..Kerja dia jaga hal-hal politik selain dari orang Melayu untuk maklumat dan think tank Tun dulu.
Sekarang ni bukan main celupar mulut dia dan lagak dia macam bukan orang Malaysia pulak.. Apek ni dah melalut tak tentu pasal..Macam dia nak pergaduhan antara kaum ke..Sedangkan realitinya kita semua ok je..Macam nak provokasi kaum lain supaya benci Melayu dan Islam pulak apek ni..
Apa nak jadi apek ni..atau ada agenda yg tersembunyi??..Sapa yg rajin membaca demi utk tingkatkan akal fikiran supaya lebih kritis dan terbuka sebagai satu proses pendewasaan, boleh baca artikel kat bawah ni..Sapa-sapa nak terpengaruh pendapat apek ni, saya tak ada kuasa untuk menghalangnya.."Ada akai..pakai.."
Sekian, Wassalam.


Umno's Path To National Suicide

An Irreversible Down-Hill Slide

To The Memory Hole

The Enemy Within The Gates

Since my appointment as the Political Secretary to the Prime Minister in 2001, I had never cease in my efforts to warn all and sundry of the impending catastrophe that awaits the Malays and Muslims in general and Umno in particular orchestrated by forces within and without the country.

My first official effort was the Paper, The Path To National Suicide that I submitted to the 4th Prime Minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad on May 21, 2001. I warned the Prime Minister, that in my view, a national catastrophe would materialise within 5 to 10 years, if not earlier and the insidious role that will be played by Singapore in the overall scheme of things.

In 2005, I wrote two books, Future Fast-Forward and Brainwashed For War in an effort to warn the UMMAH of the geo-political under-currents that will subvert Islam and the inevitable wars, not only in the Middle-East but in the ASEAN region, specifically Malaysia. Citing Professor Thomas Barnett, the author of Pentagon New Map and military adviser to the Pentagon, I warned that Malaysia has been targeted for control and subversion.

I had also warned of the coming Financial Tsunami that will devastate the entire region in 2007/2008. Unlike the 1997 financial crisis, this time round, there will not be any safety net for the Bumiputera entrepreneurs. For those who have barely recovered from the traumas of the 1997 crisis, they would be wiped out first, followed by the next generation of entrepreneurs just inducted into the game by the Pak Lah administration. There will be no discrimination. The Chinese business community would also be decimated.

I believe that Tun Mahathir Mohamad shared many of my concerns on the future of our beloved country, and worked 24/7 for almost three years to ensure that Malaysians will have an even chance to meet and overcome the challenges. He was persuaded by some trusted party stalwarts that Pak Lah could be entrusted with the Captaincy to keep the Malaysian ship on even keel.

Tun had his doubts, but they were insufficient to overcome the sentiments expressed by his trusted lieutenants in the party hierarchy. Had Tun appointed another candidate, he would not have enjoyed the confidence of these party stalwarts and party unity could not be assured.

The seven months preceding Tun's retirement bore ill omens. There were already signs and signals that Singapore was treating Tun Mahathir as a lame duck and laying the groundwork for a strategic advantage over Malaysia. Singapore assets were slowly emerging from the woodwork, and a web of intrigue was being woven for the Post-Mahathir Era.

Given the status quo, there were not much Tun could do or change, save to place his confidence and faith in the patriotism of Umno and his trusted lieutenants to safeguard the country crown jewels. He truly believed that Umno had matured into a party of principles, had confidence in its abilities to ascend to the next level of excellence and would not succumb to the mentality of blind loyalty and or easily seduced by cheap promises of financial gain.

The economic cake has expanded beyond recognition and it can be said without hesitation and or fear of contradiction that Malaysians could cari makan . There was a collective pride in our country achievements.

Tun would be the first to admit that social engineering is not an exact science, and as there is no standard blueprint or textbook that can be followed, there will be mistakes. There have been much criticisms of the NEP, but from the standpoint of the Malay community, they had come a long way. They had every reason to be proud of their achievements.

Malaysians appreciate the inherent danger of wealth and income disparities between communities and the ugly consequences should inequality persist. The last 30 years have been a collective effort to address this volatile issue and we can say with pride and confidence that we have achieved a significant measure of success. But more need to be done.

Tun ensured before his retirement that the systems and structures which the government had put in place would continue to function efficiently to expand the economic cake and to maintain the intricate balance in the sharing of the nation wealth and prosperity.

Unlike Lee Kuan Yew, Tun had no desire to cast his shadow over the new administration. He was assured by Pak Lah that his confidence and trust would not be misplaced. Pak Lah gave a personal undertaking. Tun's trusted lieutenants gave similar assurance that the team would perform to expectations.

The Billion Dollar Question “ What caused the apple cart to turn over???


Umno has been subverted from within and without, with Singapore playing the lead role.

The Zionist “ Mossad modus operandi was adopted, fine tuned by Singapore and implemented assiduously by its assets and agents in place.

The first target was NST. Whosoever controls the media dictates the political dialogue and propaganda. Once in place, the spin doctors worked overtime to demonise Tun and to discredit his legacy. Tun complained to Umno but there were no takers. It is as if Umno was wearing blinkers.

The writing was on the wall. An Umno bastion, one that controls the English medium of political dialogue was hijacked without even a whimper. Umno effective voice to the English educated Malay middle-class is now being employed to sow discord, confusion and misunderstanding – laying the groundwork for a schism between Tun and his political constituency.

Singapore almost succeeded.

But Tun took the fight right to the doorstep of Singapore when he exposed the scandal of the scenic bridge and sand for sale. The ensuing political battles spanning over eight months electrified the country!

There was panic in Singapore and within the ranks of the enemies within our gates.

Tun must be detroyed at all costs regardless of the consequences to the country, Umno and or the Malay community. The scheme to subvert Umno must not be derailed. And so long as Pak Lah remains in power, and assets are still in place, Tun can be cornered and quartered!

The strategy was simple enough and thus far, few in Umno have even understood its implications. The spin doctors first declared that there is now a new era of press freedom. A few high profile corruption cases were given front page coverage. It appealed to the blood lust of the so called aggrieved consumers for justice and their pound of flesh. When the spin doctors next turn their focus on Tun, demonising him to the extent never seen in the history of our country, the conventional wisdom was that it was to be expected because we have now more press freedom.

Few noticed that it was freedom to attack Tun, but not freedom to criticise Pak Lah and or the administration. This is a common Zionist/Israel media tactic. Ariel Sharon, a war criminal is touted as a “Man of Peace but Yasser Arafat is demonised as a terrorist a man whom you cannot negotiate with , corrupt etc. Outright lies about Tun were even reported in the NST.

Tun did not take it lying down. He counter-attacked. The credibility of Pak Lah, Khairy and the spin doctors took a dive! Once more Singapore panicked. Drastic actions need to be taken - a diversion, one that would provoke, if need be, blood on the streets - to shift the focus of Tun criticisms.

Surprise! Lee Kuan Yew accuses the Malays of marginalising the Chinese community and questions the relevance of the NEP. Why is LKY poking his nose into our affairs?

In an article entitled The Wayang Kulit of Pak Lah and LKY which was carried by the Malaysian Today website I wrote:

LKY and Pak Lah seem to be taking the Malaysian public for fools.

The LKY Apology indicates the desperation of the LKY regime and its puppets in Malaysia and the fear that their control of Malaysia is slowly but surely unravelling.

After nine months of persistent criticisms by Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad that Pak Lah and Khairy are mere puppets of the LKY regime and have sold out Malaysia for Singapore investment dollars, the 4th Floor Boys and Spin Doctors are at a loss as to how to counter this devastating exposé. The wound has become gangrenous. The despatch of spin doctors from Singapore to NST made no headway. The blood transfusion did not and indeed could not stop the massive bleeding.

The preparation started, when Khairy played the racial card by warning Umno Youths that the Chinese would take advantage of the Malays if they are weak. Unfortunately for Khairy, the expected racial backlash did not materialise in spite of intense racial politicking. He failed to project the image of a Champion for the Malays.

Khairy's Singapore Masters were worried. If Khairy could not position himself as a Champion for the Malays, it would be extremely difficult to reframe the political issue that Pak Lah had Kow Tow to Singapore, to one that would show Pak Lah being in control.

This political trial balloon was floated by Khairy but it disappeared into thin air. Tun Dr. Mahathir had scored a strategic political victory in the ongoing propaganda war.

It was agreed that LKY would make a racial statement concerning the marginalisation of the Chinese in Malaysia by the Malays. The mass media would then orchestrate a systematic response to Singapore provocation. Pak Lah would then demand an explanation from LKY. And LKY would proffer an apology and some additional spin to further boost Pak Lah credibility.

Unfortunately for LKY and his puppets, the gamble did not pay off. Alarm bells went off! The Umno General Assembly would be a feast day for Pak Lah critics and if Tun manages to attend the meeting, no one could say for sure what would be the outcome.

What could be more effective in diverting the attention of the entire country from Tun's criticisms than playing the racial card? What transpired was ugly. It was meant to be, so that Pak Lah can then make some statements criticising the over- zealous delegates and thereby projecting the image of a moderate prime minister that cares for all Malaysians. That this was the contrived outcome is evidenced by what Khairy admitted in the Sunday Times on November 26, 2007.

I quote in extenso:

So we are now debating the debate. After the fire and brimstone, the invocation of supremacy, and rights, and the cries of nationalism and communalism, some people are taking a hard long look at the ethnic identity in Malaysia today..

After a few days of charged rhetoric it would have been too easy for the final word to merely echo the sentiments on the ground.

But that is not leadership.

Leadership is when you let everything that needs to be said, out in the open, but have the credibility, moral authority and courage to bring everyone back to the centre, to smooth the frayed edges, to soothe raw nerves and to turn charged emotions into a positive energy with a purpose not just for Malays but Malaysians.

That is the leadership that we saw from the President of Umno and that must be the enduring image of the general assembly.

The spin doctors worked overtime to convey this political line. The Deputy Prime Minister and the de facto Law Minister, Nazri chipped in to say that those delegates who went overboard in making racist remarks or statements will have to face the consequences under the Sedition Act.

If actions were taken at the General Assembly, there may be some credibility in these efforts to rein in the racists. But it was condoned and the world saw it live on Astro Television.

The ultimate give-away of this insidious strategy (i.e. a diversion) was that what was said in the general assembly was nothing new. In all past assemblies, such racist statements were common. But by allowing a livebroadcast by Astro Television, non-Malay Malaysians were for the first time exposed to this ugliness. Khairy and the spin doctors expected a backlash sufficiently ugly to dominate deliberations for the next few weeks, thus burying any stories of Tun and or his criticisms. Once again I quote Khairy in extenso:

This year assembly was my eighth. I am a keen delegate to the assembly and I try to sit through as many speeches as possible, taking copious notes in every session that I attend.

In the aftermath of this year assembly, I looked back at past meetings and saw nothing unusual about what took place

When I checked with several other more experienced Umno figures if my impression that the debate this year was no more, no less emotionally charged than those in the past, they agreed based on historical perspectives that far outstretched time.

That being the case, there is nothing courageous of Pak Lah to rein in the emotionally charged delegates or that he displayed extraordinary leadership in his closing address. The past assemblies were held in œprivate sessions i.e. there were nolive broadcast and so comments no matter how ugly were confined and had no visible external impact.

The same goes for the other communal based parties.

But by allowing the Umno deliberations to be broadcast live knowing full well that such display of ugly emotions were common, was provocation of the most extreme to serve a political agenda “ to improve the image of Pak Lah.

When a leader is willing to put the country at risk, to have blood on the streets to save his political career, he is unfit to lead and be the Prime Minister of the country.

These racist sentiments were broadcast live to the whole world. It brought untold shame on Malaysia and exposed the hypocrisy of Pak Lah Islam Hadhari and his moderation.

The Barisan Nasional politicians who sang praises for Pak Lah moderation aided and abetted this hypocrisy and out-right lie.

The rakyat have not been fooled by this insidious plot, and Umno and the Barisan Nasional will pay a heavy price at the next General Elections. Make no mistake about this. Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall. Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. Humpty Dumpty is broken and nothing, absolutely nothing can mend it at all.

30 years of collective effort to share the economic pie has come to nought. It is an unmitigated disaster. Instead of addressing the urgent issues of the day, to prepare for the coming financial tsunami, to defend against the inevitable onslaught against Muslims by Zionist forces, Umno under the leadership of Pak Lah and Khairy dabbled with incendiary devices, in order to perpetuate the Badawi dynasty.

When blood flows on the street, whether provoked by enemies within or without, the world will hold Pak Lah, Khairy, Hishammuddin and their clones fully responsible.

Islam has been sacrificed for perpetuating political power. Now the enemies of Islam will say that Bush is right, the Pope is right. The threat is Islamo-facism! Islam promotes violence. Mistrust will be sown by the enemies of Islam. They will say that Muslims cannot be trusted. Pak Lah and his loyal supporters have betrayed Islam and Umno.

May God forgive you, Pak Lah for the damage you have done to Islam, the UMMAH and Malaysia. At the conclusion of your Key-Note speech, you shouted three times, Hidup Melayu! You have by your recent actions ,Bunuh Melayu, Bunuh Islam and Bunuh Malaysia!!!!

Matthias Chang

26th November 2007

Kuala Lumpur

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