Thursday, November 02, 2006


Kapar Umno Youth chief Faizal Abdullah has resigned as a Klang Municipal Councillor following the controversy over him constructing his house without obtaining approval from the council.

In a statement issued late last night, 35-year-old Faizal, who is also the state party deputy youth chief, said he resigned after being advised to do so by Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Dr Mohd Khir Toyo.

"With full repentance, I willingly relinquish my post as a Klang Municipal Councillor. My resignation letter will be sent to the Mentri Besar and the Council president by tomorrow (today) by 3pm," he said.

Faizal and two other councillors – Datuk Zakaria Md Deros and Mazlynoor Abdul Latiff – constructed their houses without approval. However, he is the only one who has relinquished his post.

Faizal said he was summoned to see Dr Khir yesterday to explain the issue of the construction of his bungalow at Kampung Raja Uda.

He also reiterated his public apology in his statement to Dr Khir, the council and the people for "causing problems to so many quarters."

Faizal is married to the daughter of Umno permanent chairman Tan Sri Onn Ismail, who is also the Selangor State Assembly Speaker.

Faizal said that his father-in-law, who owns the house, had entrusted him with rebuilding it.

The house needed to be torn down and rebuilt because it was termite-infested and the wiring was old.

He said the whole issue had become a valuable lesson for him and "I will take the punishment but will still like to serve the party and the people in the future."

"Let this be an important lesson for me to be more responsible when carrying out the mandate given by the party and the people," he added.

Faizal said he was thinking of quitting the moment this matter became public and it became clear what he had to do after his meeting with Dr Khir.

"How can I continue to serve as a councillor and offer any advice if the same situation occurs to someone else?

"It shows the importance of the need to respect the law especially now that the people have become more aware."

Faizal, who is the Deputy Chief Executive Officer of public listed construction company Wijaya Baru Global Berhad, explained that the problem with the building plan approval centred round an access road reserve at the land.

"This required me to get approval from the exco to transfer the title of the reserve to allow construction to start. I neglected to inform the council after getting the approval.

"I had submitted my building plan application to the council but it was on hold until I got the state government's approval. It was further complicated when we kept changing the plan. My architect told me that every time I changed the plan I needed to get the council's approval. This I failed to do."

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