Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Ada jugak nama bandar cam ni.. patutlah penduduknya nak tukar nama..FjUCKby
Tired of ridicule, Fjuckby seeks name change

STOCKHOLM (Reuters) -
After years of ridicule the inhabitants of the Swedish village of Fjuckby have had enough.
Tired of the mirth caused by the name of their tiny hamlet, a number of Fjuckby residents have handed in an application to Swedish authorities for a small change that could make a big difference by becoming Fjukeby.
"The word 'Fjuckby' today appears to spontaneously and repeatedly lead to associations concerning certain carnal activities between people and between animals," the residents wrote in their plea to the Surveyors Office.
"This regrettable fact breeds feelings of weariness, embarrassment and conditioned shame among the residents..."
Annette Torensjo at the Swedish surveyors' office, in charge of deciding on the matter, said name changes were granted only rarely, though another village changed its name from Krakanger, literally meaning "vomit regret", in the 1950s.
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