Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Yahudi telah maju setapak lagi..Kali ini sudah ada laman web dalam bahasa Indonesia yang khas ditujukan kepada rakyat Malaysia dan Indonesia..Boleh tengok kat

Israel starts website in Indonesian
World News - December 19, 2006
Abdul Khalik, The Jakarta Post, Jakarta
The Israeli government launched an Indonesian-language website Monday in a bid to improve relations with Muslims in Indonesia and Malaysia.
The website, http:\\, is hosted by the Israeli Embassy in Singapore, and includes news articles and information on the Israeli economy, culture and religion.
"Although we are living in the information age, there is a lack of basic information about Israel in the Muslim world," Ilan Ben Dov, Israel's Ambassador to Singapore, told AP.
"Following talks that I have conducted with Indonesians from all walks of life, I have learned that there exists a great thirst for knowledge about Israel and its democratic, pluralistic, vibrant and multicultural society."
The site is part of Israel's continuing efforts to engage Muslim nations.
Neither Indonesia nor Malaysia have formal diplomatic ties with Israel.
Ben Dov previously said Israel would like to enter into a dialog with the two countries so they could work together on problems in the Middle East.
Along with information about the Israeli Embassy in Singapore, the site carries news reports about a recent Hizbollah attack on a UN office and civilian targets, and Israeli reaction to the international conference questioning the holocaust organized by Iran.
"The Israeli government condemns the initiative of the Iranian government to organize conference to deny the holocaust," the site says.
Indonesian Foreign Ministry secretary general Imron Cotan said there was nothing wrong with Israel setting up the site to put forward the country's point of view as long as the content did not offend Muslims.
"But if they want Indonesia to consider diplomatic relations, then they will have to obey all the UN resolutions for the establishment of an independent Palestinian state with internationally recognized borders," he told The Jakarta Post.
While Indonesia is in favor of the two-state solution for the Israel-Palestine conflict, the issue of recognizing Israel remains sensitive, and moves to do so would likely be the source of widespread demonstrations.
Other major Muslim countries, like Turkey, Egypt and Jordan, however, have forged diplomatic ties with Israel.

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