Monday, December 25, 2006


Berat sebelah..Itulah kata-kata yang layak di berikan kepada Security Council PBB yang akan mengenakan sekatan terhadap Iran akibat pembangunan tenaga nuklear. Sedangkan Israel boleh pula bermaharaja lela tanpa apa-apa sekatan dan tindakan dari PBB. Inilah kuasa veto US yang berselindung di sebalik anggota SC PBB. Yang jelas dunia tetap akan mengenakan tekanan terhadap negara-negara Islam dengan apa cara sekali pun.
Cerita lanjut boleh baca artikel dari Tehran Times seperti di bawah.

Iran condemns UN resolution as illegal
Tehran Times Political Desk
TEHRAN - The Iranian Foreign Ministry issued a statement here on Saturday condemning the UN Security Council resolution imposing sanctions on Iran’s nuclear work as an illegal measure violating the terms of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Statute.
The Security Council voted on Saturday to impose sanctions on Iran's trade in sensitive nuclear materials and ballistic missiles.
“Such a political and unlawful measure by the Security Council can not restrict the realization of the country’s inalienable rights. Rather, it will lead to the Security Council’s decisions being discredited,” the statement said.
The Iranian people remember how Britain and the United States used the Security Council as a tool against their independence and national sovereignty -- they called the nationalization of Iran’s oil a threat to world peace and security to pressure Iran, it added.
The Iranian nation has not left their destiny to invalid decisions by the Security Council and will never do so, the statement noted.
“The resolution cannot create an obstacle for Iran’s nuclear development. The Iranian nation will continue their peaceful nuclear activities relying on their national power and within the framework of realizing their inalienable rights based on the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).
“The nuclear program is supported by all officials, educated people, and the masses, and that is why the illegal actions against Iran’s national rights by the U.S. and Britain will only strengthen Iranians’ national will to maintain their independence and national sovereignty and insist on their legitimate rights in order to guarantee Iran’s future.
“The U.S. and Britain used all their political and legal might to convince the UN Security Council to approve the new resolution in order to block Iranians’ access to the full use of legal nuclear energy, but it should be noted that these two fading powers cannot prevent the development of the Iranian nation through threats and bullying acts.”
Iran to revise ties with IAEA
Before the resolution was approved, senior MPs warned that Tehran will revise its ties with the IAEA if the Security Council issues a resolution over Iran’s nuclear program.
“If the United Nations Security Council issues a resolution against Iran or adopts any approach other than negotiation, the parliament will reconsider the nature of its relationship with the International Atomic Energy Agency,” Majlis Speaker Gholam-Ali Haddad-Adel told Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) on Saturday.
If the pressure on Iran increases, the Majlis will have to discuss a plan that has already been approved by the parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Committee, Haddad-Adel said.
The bill would restrict IAEA inspections of Iran’s atomic facilities if sanctions are imposed.
“We insist that negotiation is the only solution. We have always been prepared for talks, but it was the Europeans who cut off the talks,” Haddad-Adel noted.
“All Iran’s nuclear activities have been based on the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and international law, so (Tehran) will not accept any resolution,” Majlis National Security and Foreign Policy Committee Chairman Alaeddin Borujerdi told the Mehr News Agency on Saturday.
“If this resolution is adopted, the Islamic Republic’s Supreme National Security Council will definitely respond.
“The resolution will not only have no effect on Iran’s policy and determination to continue its peaceful nuclear activities, but it will also make the government and parliament more determined to expand nuclear technology.
“The MPs on the National Security and Foreign Policy Committee believe that the policies for interacting with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) should be proportionate to the Security Council’s measures," the lawmaker added. “As we have said many times before, the involvement of the Security Council in Iran’s nuclear dossier was a politically- motivated move adopted under U.S. pressure and has no legal basis.”
Borujerdi said that the door to negotiations is still open, adding that talks are the only way to find a solution to the nuclear impasse.

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